Full Name: Uritah The Hedgehog
Nickname: Uri
Age: 15
Partner: DORUmon
Short bio: Uritah is the leader of the digidestined. he is very courageous and outgoing, he had a fairly normal life until him and his internet friends were all transported to the digital world. He is somewhat popular, he is very good at sports, but he doesn't try because he doesn't like the jocks. He and DORUmon are great friends, they often fight but they get over it and remain friends. He and the others are good friends. when he was little he had an experience with digimon and hasn't forgotten it since.
He also gets along good with people, he is very good with computers though it doesn't seem it. he dislikes having to fight when he doesn't need too. he always tries to stop fights and not get in them. he is a lover NOT a fighter.
But whenever one of his friends is being hurt he always steps in and helps. Uritah goes in rage when his friends are hurt and dark digivolves dorumon.
DORUmon is energetic and exiting too, though he can be hyperactive at times.dorumon hates it when digimon are evil, he feels betrayed somehow and wont stop untill they are defeated, thats the only thing he doesn't have in common with uritah, he's a fighter not a lover that's why they often get in disputes over killing digimon and stuff.
Digivice color: Orange
Wierdo's definition: Ketchup-scared-spiky-buddy.
Music Theme: King Kazma Theme
Full Name: Tobias The Fox
Nickname: Tobi
Age: 14
Partner: Gumdramon
Short bio: Tobias is a bit of an idiot with a short fuse. He gets angry really easily, and often rushes into things without thinking about them. He's very rash, making decisions very quickly. With that, he's obviously as reckless as can be. He's also very cheerful and enjoys making new friends, though sometimes he seems to take it too far. He's had past experiences with digimon, though only those that came in the form of shadows appearing around corners and whatnot, he's never actually encountered a digimon before he met Gumdramon--Tobias loves to take lead and dispises being ordered around. He likes having the leader status. Tobias also hates when someone is better then him at something and always does his best to become the best at everything. Though, he was never great at sports or any physical activity of the kind, his stamina is something of a marvel. His lack of physical strength and his personality combined lead him to getting beat up constantly, as he was bullied a couple years before he met Gumdramon. With his reckless attitude, it's only natural he gets hurt a lot, but much to everyone's surprise, he never gets hurt that bad. He's also quite the go-getter with a knack for adventure. Tobias tries to be as understanding as he can, but his emotions usually get in the way. Gumdramon mirrors Tobias in many ways. He's a reckless, fun loving, joke cracking epic little purple dragon. He's rash, like Tobi, often fighting with other digimon before the others can even catch up with what's going on. He tends to jump into a fight before it even starts for others! Gumdramon is impatient and tends to dislike waiting for others. He also enjoys cracking jokes, whether he's making fun of another person or making a joke about something more generalized. He tends to make jokes about people a lot, often making fun of them for the hell of it in front of their faces, however he knows his limits and never means to hurt anyone. This, however, tends to lead to arguements with Tobi, often not thinking about how Tobi's emotions get to him. They always learn to laugh it off in the end though. They tend to argue over stupid stuff all of the time, although these arguements never last long and they tend to get over it within minutes.
Digivice color: Red
Wierdo's definition: Gets-angry-easy-furry-buddy.
Music Theme: Tagiru Chikara
Full Name: Trebor The MechaHog
Nickname: Trey
Age: 11
Partner: Renamon
Short bio: Hi I am Trebor. What? You already knew that? Oh OK so I'm kinda new to this whole Digimon thing but I seem to be doing fairly well. Renamon's a big help and she's a really big help. I hope the others like me; I am not good at making friends. I just drive them off because to tell you the truth, I am not much of a people person. My asthma stops me from playing sports so I cannot do the things that others can. Someone's coming over! I cannot talk to them, too shy. Come on Renamon Let's go train!
Sorry about my partner, I am Renamon by the way. Trebor's wasn't the best. He told me that his parents fought all the time. Some kind of incident happened and his parents left each other. He's a tough kid for only being 11 and still putting on a smile through this. If you want to ask about me, there's not much to say. I am a Digimon, just like others I fight to live, but Trebor has shown me that there's more then I think.
Digivice color: Light Blue
Wierdo's definition: Shy-tired-spiky-buddy.
Music Theme: The Biggest Dreamer
Full Name: Arthur Kingdom
Nickname: Wierdo
Age: 10
Partner: KoKabuterimon
Short bio: Wierdo is an orphan that is raised by a family of Koopas, even though he only gets good grades on school, he is very crazy. He always tries his best to solve a problem but then he make it bigger than ever, his happy-go-lucky attitude and his ability to almost destroy any kind of eletronics always get him in problems, but his ability to always analyze the problems is his good point. He LOVES chandeliers but his biggest fear is of heights, even though he'll only notice if someone tells him about it. He also has an habit of speaking very loudly when someone interrupts him.
KoKabuterimon is always polite and always addresses someone to their full name, he is very focused and greatly respects his partner, he is very strong but whenever he hears sad stories he'll cry A LOT!
Digivice color: Yellow
Wierdo's definition: Happy-guy-with-lots-of-buddies.
Music Theme: Super Tachiagariyo!
Full Name: Brestle Veris Ishurna
Nickname: Bre
Age: 14
Partner: Floramon
Short bio: Bre had a semi-sheltered life, only to be outside to play in her backyard and get bored. Of course it does not help to be bored if your backyard is a whole amusement park and you is the amusement park's owner's child right? One day, she found a Lilymon in a high school disguise, and by found, I means spotted. Of course, she also found a Salamon which she mistook for a stray dog and tried to pet it before it ran away. She can be quite caring to a little rash, but she stays mostly calm. She has a slight fear of heights, but she's ok if she's not looking down. She has a fear of spiders, and she's a little afraid of death and being buried alive. However, she's not afraid of spiders if they are not real. Do not, and I mean DO NOT, anger her lots, or she will get extremely agitated, and you know what an angry wolf does, right? They fight. And although she does not fight in this world, she does make good tactics.
Floramon is a shy ditz, always tripping over something. She tries to make friends with something, but she can have a drastic change if the digimon she tries to befriend is evil. She has a good heart, and she can stand for herself, but is somewhat silent. She also ends names in -ra
Digivice color: Green
Wierdo's definition: Rich-spider-not-lover-beats-me-up-everyday-furry-buddy.
Full Name: Cristal The Fox
Nickname: Kris
Partner: Patamon
Short bio: Cristal likes to run and fly, but she can get confused even on bad situations sometimes. She isn't exactly bright but tries to help out if she can. She's also somewhat shy around those she doesn't know. It also takes her a while to learn new things half the time.
Her partner, Patamon, also tends to get confused, but not as often. He knows what to do in most situations so he helps Cristal out with them. He's a fast learner, but sometimes doesn't learn fast enough.
Digivice color:
Wierdo's definition: Running-and-flying-like-a-crazy-furry-buddy
Music Theme: text
Full Name: Heather Rufus Aithusa
Nickname: Heather or Rufus is fine too
Age: 17
Partner: Gabumon
Short bio: Heather was born in a little desert town and moved to another little town by the ocean with her immediate family. Because of her overprotective parents Heather actually hasnt had much experience with the internet and computer technology. The first time she logged on to the internet she was 14, so shes unfamiliar with internet lingo and doesnt get a lot of stuff. However she did see a digimon when she was very young. Shes easily embarrassed, easily distracted, quiet, very sheltered, socially oblivious school smart but not street smart, has few friends, oh yah and a procrastinator with just about everything, if she has something on her mind Heather will wait a while before she actually says anything.
Digivice color: Violet
Wierdo's definition: Quiet-fragile-furry-buddy
Full Name: Zain Usui
Nickname: Everyone calls him Zain. Veemon calls him Z but he hates it.
Age: 16
Partner: Veemon
Short bio: : Zain is probably what you'd call "the perfect guy". He's great at everything he does he doesn't even try. But he hates it. He hates all the attention he gets. It's obvious that all the girls want him but he doesn't deserve them just because he won a few trophies. His dad gave him his sunglasses 5 years ago when he went into the war and he died before ever coming back home. He NEVER takes his sunglasses off.
Veemon is the exact opposite. Veemon is happy and peppy. Any time Zain is down Veemon will just try to cheer him up. He believes Zain does deserve the praise he gets because he works hard for it.
Digivice color: Dark Blue
Wierdo's definition: Badass-sunglasses-wearing-like-me-buddy
Music Theme: Butterfly
Full Name: ?
Nickname: ?
Age: ?
Partner: ?
Short bio: ?
Digivice color: ?
Wierdo's definition: ?-buddy
Music Theme: In The End
Full Name: ?
Nickname: ?
Age: ?
Partner: ?
Short bio: ?
Digivice color: ?
Wierdo's definition: ?-buddy
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